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Hi and welcome to the official Micky Gee blog.

Micky GeeMany people mistakenly refer to Micky as “Mickey”.  Take it from me, he preferred to be called Micky – Period!!! , even though on many websites, album covers and newspaper articles he was referred to as Mickey.

You will, however, sometimes see his name spelt as Mickey on this website.  This is because lots of people still remember him as Mickey and that’s OK by me.  I just wanted to put the record straight!

Micky was born on 03 July 1944 and was christened Michael Richard Gee.  His place of birth was – 13 Garth Street Cardiff and he passed away at the University Hospital of Wales on the 21 January 2009.

List of artists that Micky has either played/jammed with or played for…

Tom Jones – Joe Cocker – Eric Clapton – Mark Knopfler – Chuck Berry – Bill Wyman – Charlie Watts – Dave Edmunds – Andy Fairweather Low – Shakin Stevens – Geraint Watkins – Albert Lee – Carl Perkins – Gary Moore – Arlen Roth – Jimmy Page – Sting

Lots more to be added. Can anyone help me? I can’t remember them all.

His major guitar influences…
Chet Atkins – Merle Travis – Jerry Reed – Albert Lee – Eric Clapton – Danny Gatton – Scotty Moore – James Burton – Carl Perkins – Roy Buchanan – Jeff Beck – Lonnie Mack – Jimi Hendrix – Buster B. Jones – Blind Blake – Joni Mitchell – Marcel Dadi – Joe Maphis – Johnny Burnette



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  2. Hey!!
    Well, I really liked Micky’s playing. I’m a Shakin’ Stevens collector and I have always thought if Micky and also Geraint Watkins hadn’t played on most of Shaky’s early hits, there would’t be any hits. It’s a shame that Micky didn’t get more appreciation. I have met both Dave Edmunds and Geraint WAtkins and they both said that Micky was amazing as a guitarist.

    I miss him so much. I wish I had met him. He can’t be replaced.


  3. Is that Micky playing on Ray Neale’s “Doin’ The Boogie” ? I’ve always thought it sounded like him.

    Great site,

    Ted Poulson,

    1. Hi Ted

      Do you mean Ray Neale’s ‘Shotgun’ band with Bob Burgos? I don’t know to be honest, but I’ll ask Bob. It wouldn’t surprise me …. I don’t know if anybody knows all of what Micky did in his lifetime! He’d help anyone out of a hole!

      Phil Morgan

    2. Hi Ted

      We are still working on the complete discography of Micky, but Bob Burgos tells me it was Roger McKew on Ray Neale’s 1981 recording of “Doin’The Boogie” and who was also another member of Shakin’ Stevens many line up’s. Ray Neale’s All Stars and Shotgun are almost one of the same bands!

      Phil Morgan

  4. Have just won an ebay auction, buying Promotional Copy Memphis Bend 7″ Ubangi Stomp 45rpm in excellant condition for £6!!!!!!!
    I had entered a maximum bid of £40, so am I a very happy chappy? You bet! Can’t wait to slap it on the turntable, with Tennessee on the flip.

  5. I have always admired Micky’s guitar playing and have seen him play with Shaky during the 1989/90 and 1992 UK tours.
    There is no doubt that the passion for detail came through in his distinctive style always.
    Augmented with Gavin Povey, The Rumour Brass, Dick Bland & Howard Tibble etc. there was always a top band to back Shaky & never got the proper recognition they deserved.

  6. Micky very kindly played on a cd i recorded at chapel lane hereford,it was gospel rock,but micky not only played fingerstyle he played some slide on a track called footprints on the beach, it is very tasty ,micky added the cream to that song with terry williams on drums i could not ask for more
    More than his playing he was a gentleman and a lovely person to be with
    thanks micky Gee.

  7. In My opinion is he the best gitarist in the world. Even beter than scotty moore and James Burton.

    I working on the ducth discografy and i have spoken to some bandmembers of the dutch band Normaal and also to the producer.They were very impressed by his playing. They remebered him as a great guy.
    That’s why he will be missed


    I went to school with Mickey ‘Gypsy’ Gee, he was in the form above me.
    Phil we were in the same form and class as Roger Bulpin. Dave Edmunds and The Raiders used to play at the No 7 club under High St in Cardiff. We would go there and watch him play his Strat, then we would go to The Mont Merence Club (Montys)in Charles Street and watch Mickey play. A lot of musicians that I knew are mentioned here. I remember Vince Helkvist singing as a guest at one of Joey Escott’s gigs at Barbarella’s club. There were some good club music venues in them days as well as the ones mentioned above. Gino’s with resident act Les Trott, The Moon, Showbiz Club, Talk of The Town, Tito’s, Philaderers Club, Chez Wen, The Bristol and South Wales was a pub but hosted many a good act such as Laverne Brown, Frankie Johnson, Sammy Johnson, Jimmy The Pig, Lee Gordon etc. I’m sure you can think of many more. I used to manage Jerry Chandler and The Blues Suedes back in them days. Dave Williams(Jerry)as he was known then was on piano, Steve Ch i! ck was our bass player then, lead guitar was Dave Parsons, Les Rocky (Wagger) or Georgie Johnson would be on drums. We played all the major clubs and pubs in Cardiff and the valleys and were usually booked 5 nights a week. Keep it live. Rock on. Viv.

  9. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry I haven’t been keeping the blog up-to-date but life’s very complicated at the moment. My Mother is very ill in the heath and my workload is huge. Anyway, thanks Phil for keeping the blog alive.

  10. I met Mickey quite a few times,he even borrowad my Marshall 200 amp once at a gig he was guesting on with City Riot in 1966.last time I met him was at the Santa Fe bar,when I came off stage he said ‘nice sound man’,coming from him it was as if God had blessed me!,his playing both broke my heart & filled me with awe just to watch him,one of the greatest,I shall miss him greatly.

  11. I first saw Micky play in a band formed by Tommy Riley called Arthur Mellow. This was the late 60’s. They played at Cardiff Students Union to a sparse crowd. I was knocked out. Micky and Tommy introduced me to a whole musical landscape of rockabilly and country. After Arthur Mellow they formed Memphis Bend and I was lucky enough to see them many many times at the New Moon club and to head out on the road with them as roadie, fan, doorman – whatever was needed. My salary was to hear them play and learn from Micky the high art of the understated solo and Tommy the fundamentals of a rhythm section sharp and in the groove. I owe them a massive debt for a musical education.
    Thinking of Micky brings back memories of the New Moon Club and the nights we all spent watching in awe as he hit the high notes and rocked the joint. Train kept a rollin. Keith. NYC.

  12. Hi, I saw Micky a few times and ended up making a telecaster for him a few years back. As far as i know Craig Burton bass player with Micky’s last band still has it.
    He was a hard man to please very fussy about string spacing on the top nut,But what a player.
    Sadly missed by all.

  13. Hi Alan Crompton

    You mentioned the Sante Fe Bar which you played which was at the end of Queen Street near Queen Street Station Cardiff. I must know you from those days. Anyway, Micky loved that place and it was his band Micky Gee and the G Strings that played there on the very last nite. Went in the redevelopment of the late 80’s. Micky was also the with Shakin’ Stevens and the Sunsets and played Sophia Gardens on the very last nite there too before it closed. He raised the roof but the snow then wrecked the place! Think that was the 80’s too!

  14. Hi Phil,yep I played the ‘Santa Fe’ quite a few times with Cal Ford,sorry I’ve been so long getting back to you.bet our paths have crossed at some point.
    about 1962 I was in the Merthyr band ‘The Crecendos’,then turned pro in 65 in The Cheatin’ Harts’,had a couple of singles out on Columbia.
    the Crescendos used to play all the local scene,Pagett rooms,Barry Memo,etc.
    sill get down the ‘City’ these days,but only as a shopper!.
    great memory of Micky borrowing my Marshall 200 at the Afon Lido with City Riot,& playing Hideawy & Steppin’ out.he was always so gracious when I spoke to him,I miss him greatly.
    take care,Alan Crompton

  15. Hi Phil,P.S,I was a good mate of Choppo (Colin Hopkins) I’m sure you must know him.
    in the early 80s we had a nice little 3 piece band doing sunday morning pub gigs,they were so enjoyable,I loved working with him,a greatguy,you out there Colin?,I’m on Facebook.
    cheers Phil,Alan Crompton

  16. Hi Alan

    I know Choppo and he was so lucky to play with Micky so much. I just didn’t have the transport. I’ll check out your facebook page.


  17. Hi All

    I just heard that Micky’s mum has died after a long illness on the 21st December 2010. Our thoughts are with Tom Gee and his wife at this difficult time. She produced a genius and must have been so proud of Micky, but of course Tom too!


  18. rest in peace mrs gee(dot)i hope your with micky he loved you so much you two were like peas in a pod miss our nice chats god bless craig x

  19. Hi Micky

    You left us two years ago today the 21st of January 2009 and we still all miss you but you left us so much with your music that we continue to smile! Thanks

    Phil Morgan

  20. I would just like to say that I met micky through his long life friend Kenny Short who is the Harbour Master down Cardiff Yacht Club.He used to come down the club and have a coffee now and then and he was a real gentleman. I was also gifted by jamming a few songs with him in the downstairs bar just before he past on, that day will stay with me forever and I am honoured to play through his small session amp (which he loved)at gigs now and then. Thank you Micky


  22. although some time has passed now since the tribute for micky at the globe, i have only just had a look at this site and i sit back to reflect on that night. I,like many will miss that elusive sound and style that micky had.an outstanding musician that i would always try to see when ever possible. i complimented micky one night at the royal oak on broadway and as he made his way to the door he replied, ‘ah its only bluff’ i thought ‘cheese on toast’ i gotto get some of this bluff stuff. LOL. style,class.fire. you name it. micky had ‘IT’ in abundance. it was ‘game over’ when micky fired up.a rare phenomena was in our midst.

  23. I probably worked with Micky more than anyone else mentioned on this site for over nearly 40 years. He played on literally hundreds of my productions. I see you feature two of them on here, and his playing is as fresh and exciting as the day I recorded them. In fact, I was in the same band as him for about 10 of those years, and I have many happy memories. He was both funny and brilliant. I even got him to play a really rocking solo on a banjo once; Nobody else could have done what he did on that track. “Embark”, as he was known in the Edmunds band is still my yardstick when it comes to listening to new guitarists.

    1. Hi John, Thanks for that. I’ve just started uploading some of Micky’s private porta-studio recordings. Can you have a look and tell me if I need to add some info? I think you’ve probably contributed to some of them. To me, I’m hearing a lot for the first time and apart from the tape number I’ve got very little info on them. http://www.youtube.com/user/tomgee001?feature=mhee

  24. Micky Gee RIP. great guitarist, great person! just watched tribute vid on you tube part 3 just realised my son on vocal Micky on guitar second track on vid “Bo Walton” he did a lot of stuff with Bo! all unheard by all you Micky fans! thanks Tom.

  25. Hi Tom

    Its great to see your videos that you have been releasing on You Tube at your site tomgee001 ths has to be a great thing for the millions of fans around the world who may have only recognised the sounds from Micky’s guitar but will now be able to actually see who was Wales top guitar picker !


  26. Just like to say there is nobody i know who plays like mickey,,,,,,,,,,,, I had the experiance and pleasure of writing and playing with mick in late 70,s,, he said i quote “If you wanna write songs with me you be up my house at 9 in the morning” so thats what we done, Ive just managed to put the music i wrote with mickey on to cd its a blast not quite like you heard mickey before, umm dai tank on drums from the valleys if my memory serves me correct and phil on bass and john jenkins on piano r i p mick you taught me so much god bless man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ray bevan

  27. I see that there´s a great song that Mickey doing marvelous guitarplaying! The song i “Stay with me Tonight” with Dave Edmunds.

  28. Micky Gee aka ’embark’ …. John David, any chance you can tell us a few stories as to how he got that name or some other stories from your past?

    Great video uploads tks.

  29. Micky had nicknames for lots of people and quite wicked at times, mine whilst at school was Joe and he never told me why until I left school. So I asked him and he said after Joe B Mauldin the Buddy Hollies bass player. He was still calling me Joe when he spoke to me at the Cross Inn where he often played in recent years. He was a lot more knowledgeable than the rest of us at school about musicians and music especially of those across the pond.

    Micky once won a quiz on CBC Cardiff Broadcasting Company on the Phil Suarez – One mans week show ! … he had won a set of guitar strings … so Phil Suarez asked him what type do you use and Micky said Gibson Medium Gauge. This was the start of the 80’s but these may have been for an acoustic guitar. But the bottom strings on the tele never sounded light with Micky’s playing !

  30. I was fortunate enough to drum with Micky for the last nine years of his playing career. To make a few comments on here doesnt do that time justice. I emigrated to Australia two years before he died and it upsets me that I wasnt able to do more for him in the last year. I miss the musical perfectionist.
    I recently was made aware of over 30 youtube videos that some kind gent uploaded. They feature songs that Micky was well known for playing in two gigs. Hope you dont mind me posting the link here.



  31. record by the Crickets “Please don’t ever change”Micky said you were a fan of the crickets and would love the 45.I ‘ve lived here in the US since 74 so I missed most of the events in the blog……I also was linked to Micky like so many others.He showed up at my house in Pennsylvania once on his way to California to audition for McGuinn Clark and Hillman.he slipped out of Wales and kept it quiet in case it didn’t turn out He wanted me to go with him on a Greyhound Bus .I didn;t to my regret but he came back and said they loved his guitar work but Mickey said every one was to pretty out there and used credit cards for everthing,He felt he couln’t be happy with that lifestyle so we sat on my porch for a couple of days floated in the lake and then he said “Well back to Ely”I took him to the Bus stop and of he went. I did see him a few years later for a brief vist in Cardiff .It is just outstanding to see him on the internet and loved by so many regards Tom Paul.

  32. I hope it’s okay to let you know that Micky features in a book written by his friend and fellow South Wales musician Deke Leonard.

    It’s called The Twang Dynasty and has just come out. You can find details on http://www.dekeleonard.com

    There is a chapter on Welsh guitarists and this has a major (12 page) section on Micky as well as other pages on Dave Edmunds, Andy Fairweather Low, Micky Jones and Pete Ham (Badfinger). Some people have said this chapter deserves to be a book on its own!

  33. I knew Micky via a sadly missed friend Tony Davies who Micky played with in the Bier Keller Barry Island and his friend Dave Bowen.
    I’ll never forget the first time I met him was at my flat in the early 80’s with Tony. I was quite in awe of him. I was playing a mix tape that had one of my songs on. I was nervous because I knew it was coming up. Tony and Micky were chatting away when the song came on…Micky stopped mid sentence and said something like “What’s this? It sounds pretty good.” I almost shook with pride when Tony said it was me. Micky looked at me and said he liked it and was very encouraging.
    Another enduring memory is of Micky at my place ane time when he picked up my doggy old Egmond acoustic and made it sing like a bird. That’s when I realised a craftsman doesn’t blame his tools. He was an inspiration. He also was encouraging and not dismissive of others.
    I feel lucky to have known him and to have heard his great playing.

  34. I enjoyed a few months playing with Micky,Laverne and Phil Suarez in the Casablanca, in the late 60’s. I always enjoyed and admired his playing. I sold him an old Gibson arch top in the late 60’s. Wish I’d kept it now! Unexpectedly saw him at a gig in Bridgend, maybe in 2008, sadly he wasn’t in the best of health. My son told him I was his number one fan,as I’d quite often spoken about his playing ability, the extent of his association with many of the top names in the industry and of seeing him at venues like the Moon Club.I guess I was just one of his many fans.

  35. I also went to Caer Castell school with MICKY and lived in Harris Ave just a couple of dooors from MICKY who’s nickname in school was jibsey.His first band was THE SEARCHERS in which I was one of two vocalists and we practiced at the school.It soon becambe obvious that he was to good for us and left.He was replaced by ROY SHUNTER on lead with RONNIE FOX on rythem and Les Rocky on Drums. I later joined the SOUTHERNERS replacing JOEY ESCOTT who turned pro and went to London with JOEY & THE GENTLEMEN.Later I became the Manager of the CHEVRONS with ROGER MULLINS,HOWARD WEBBER,JOHN SITHERS,DAVE WILLIAMS and ALAN ROBERTS and we played in all the places mention before,Marina,Paget Rooms,Kennards,and various youth club venus in the area.When John Sithers left the grooup MAC TODD joined us after leaving from london and the GARY EDWARDS COMBO (Solid Six).MICKY’s life was celebrated at the Globe with many of his friends turning up to honour him including Andy Fairweather Low,Geraint Watkins and many more.Fantastic memories.

  36. I saw the genius of Micky Gee at a Shakin Stevens show when in Birmingham years ago, when I saw his talented performance I had to see him again and again, then found we were buying Shakin Stevens show tickets just to see Micky Gee….just outstanding and so talented, what a fantastic musician !!! moreover….What a Loss to us all that appreciated his wonderful expertise….Micky I sure miss you.

  37. Nice tribute Mike and it seems you too were drawn towards Micky when you started to really realize his contribution to Shaky and other performers. He really lifted their songs and without him the hits wouldn’t have followed. Howard we must meet up at the next old Cardiff Rocker’s reunion. Last two were at the Master Gunner this year. Great guys … Phil

  38. Hi Tom … I find it hard sometimes to come onto this site because of the memories … but today a picture appeared on my computer of Micky … realised it is 5 years to the day that he left this planet … thinking of you Tom and Micky … meanwhile we are good … All best Phil

    1. Hi Phil, Nice to hear from you!
      Elaine and I were at his and my Mum’s grave today. It only seems like yesterday, we would be talking and him telling me stories about the things he done in his life. He never bragged, jest told it as it was! If only I’d written or recorded those stories, but he wouldn’t let me.
      Must get more stuff on YouTube but life jest gets in the way.
      Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

  39. Hi Tom – I just wanted to post on here to say that Micky is one of my favourite guitarists. I make my living tgrough music and the memory of seeing Micky play a blistering solo with Roseanne Cash and Carl Perkins on the song ‘jackson’ from the Perkins special is still etched on my mind as an impressionable 14 year old in 1986… . I must have worn the VHS cassette out rewinding and playing and learning his lead break note for note. It was the epitome of Fender Telecaster tones – a stunningly perfect country solo. I was so so saddened to hear of his death. I would have loved to have chatted with him & learned more about his playing. RIP Micky x

    1. Thanks Steven,
      Yeah, he would have liked to talk with you towards the end. In fact, I couldn’t stop him talking for the two years or so before he passed away.

      It was refreshing though as he never really wasted his time on small talk. But the stories he used to come out with, you wouldn’t believe (they were all true, as he wasn’t the type to make them up).

      He wouldn’t let me record any of them as he was always going write a book. Most of them are lost forever now because my memory is getting worse by the day.

      He’d be accused of name dropping anyway but he told people exactly what he thought of them no matter how big a star they were. Good and bad!

      Thanks for posting.


  40. Hi Tom
    I’ve only just found this blog about one of my all-time guitar heroes who in my opinion, never got the recognition he deserved. Micky stood out to me for two reasons. He was a great rock ‘n’ roll guitarist, but he also had a really country sound too. The ultimate hybrid style. I saw Mickey play every time Shaky came to Portsmouth Guildhall and can honestly say, with no disrespect to anyone else in the shows, including Shaky, that Micky and Roger McKew were the reason I bought those tickets. The first time I saw him, he sang and played George Jones’ “Revenue Man” as the opening number to Shaky’s set and, quite honestly, I’d have been just as happy if Shaky hadn’t showed and Micky carried on.
    I’ve recently got to know Roger, who now plays in my friend Pete’s band “Texas Tornadoes”. He always speaks fondly of Micky and has some great stories. Another fiend of mine, Bob Dixon, is a pedal steel guitarist who told me a story he’d heard about Micky walking out on Tom Jones in las Vegas. Is that a true? If so, it really made me laugh.
    I still listen to anything I can get with Micky playing on it, and still steal his guitar licks (when I can actually play them) Sorry to rant on, but I’ve never found anywhere I could say any of this online. As I said at the beginning, Micky never got the recognition he deserved in life. At least he amay get some now, care of his brother and his fans.
    Thanks for posting this blog.
    All the best,

    1. Thank Rick, Real nice words. There is a lot on youtube now. Just search Micky Gee (the way Micky liked it to be spelt) or Mickey Gee.
      Cheers Tom

  41. Hello. Looking to get in touch with Tom Riley, just wondered if that’s possible. I played in one of his bands 1987-92 and I’m after his thoughts on a tape I recenetly unearthed. Thanks…

  42. Hi Tom. I grew up listening to and watching Micky play guitar. My father was John White who played with Cal Ford and Micky played with them often. I play guitar too and started to learn Chet Atkins stuff as a teenager back in the 80s. Micky was one of my biggest influences and one of the reasons I loved and wanted to play fingerpicking guitar. My playing has come on a lot since then lol and I’d love to send you some of my recordings as I think you’ll hear Micky in them as I do when I play them.



  43. Just came across this site. Micky played with me in Sting Like a Bee for several months with Bob Watkins on bass and Rob Wilding on drums. I’ve got many memories of Micky both good and bad. The man could be a right pain in the ass at times but I loved the guy and give him massive credit for teaching me many things in my musical development.

    The first night I ever played with Micky was a last minute New Years Eve gig in some social club as a duo. I hadn’t been in Wales long and still had much to learn about things. I’d met Micky at the Inn on the River with Cal Newman and gave him a call when the gig came in.

    So we get out to the place and do the first set. Back in the changing room Micky says to me, “Don’t bother talking to them, Steve. They’ll just think you’re some cunt from Bristol with a fake American accent.” As was all too often the case, the man was right. We had a great time after that, just swapping stories in the back. It was like we had our own little party that we interrupted to go out and play a bit.

    One other night springs to mind as I type. We played Sam’s Bar and the place was just heaving. Condensation dripping from the walls. Everybody sweating like a whore in church. Micky cracks off one of his jaw dropping solos, looks over at me with a wry smile and just shrugs a shoulder. When we finished the night Rob just threw down his sticks and said, “That’s the best gig I ever played in my life!” Micky was like that. He raised everybody’s game.

    I live in Austin, Texas now and have mentioned Micky often. I asked Caspar Rawls, former guitarist with Buck Owens, good mates with James Burton and an Austin icon, if he had heard of Micky to which he replied, “Micky Gee? Of course. Great player.”

    It was an honor and a privilege to have known him and to have played so many gigs with the man. Sorely missed.

  44. I was chatting with a friend of mine about Micky and it turns out that he has a couple of his guitars.
    He is selling one – a six string squire telecaster

  45. A friend of mine has a couple of Mickey’s guitars
    He is selling one – a six string squier telecaster

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