The Memphis Bend Album

Memphis BendAt this point people might be asking how can I get hold of The Memphis Bend Album?

Well, Iconic as this Album is, and extremely well known amongst the older set, it has never, in spite of many many requests to the holding company, been released on CD!

If your really lucky you might find a vinyl LP on ebay or a junk shop, so look out for –
‘GOOD ROCKING TONITE’ – MEMPHIS BEND – UAS 30036 – recorded at Rockfield Studios with John David in Monmouth in 1977. The place for many a good brew!

Any, and I do mean any, contempory ‘Rockabilly Band’ should listen to this Album. Because as the BBC D.J. Geoff Barker has so rightly said, ” Micky Gee was the finest Rockabilly Guitarist ‘ever’ to come from these shores” Your in for a treat!

Phil Morgan

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  1. I used to own this album and I loved it. I later became friends with Tommy Riley and Lincoln Carr when they were in Red Beans and Rice. I would love to have this on cd along with any odd tracks by Micky Gee and company.

    Rick Jones

  2. As a fifteen year old in 1977 and mad about rockabilly I had this album and loved it. I had forgotten about Memphis Bend a long time ago until I read Lyndon Needs’ letter to Now Dig This earlier this year. From there I googled Micky and remembered just how good their album was/is.
    Reading about Micky, I now realise I probably saw him but without realising it at the time, playing with Shakin’ Stevens at Morecambe and at Preston Guild Hall with the Jets in support.
    Boy, I wish I could relive those nights. I remember praising the band, especially the guitarist after seeing the show at a club on the sea front at Morecambe in my rockabilly fanzine “Sundogs” at that time.
    Lyndon said he had seen Micky play a few times in a pub during the last couple of years of his life. Had I been aware at the time, I certainly would have ventured down to South Wales without a doubt. What a shame we’ve lost him to emphysema, and what an awful way to go. Have bought the Carl Perkins dvd and the Bill Wyman dvd and cd. God bless you Micky.

    1. Hi Ian

      There must be tons of unreleased recordings with Micky playing stuff that he put down to entertain us ……. I know I have some poorly recorded tapes myself, but around the world there must be so much more. Maybe one day soon we shall get hear some and appreciate what he gave us and rock n roll!


  3. I would gladly pay an arm and a leg to get acopy of this album on CD. As a former hairy prog rocker I would like to thank Memfis Bend for introducing me to proper rock and roll and rockabilly. Would anyone have any idea how to go about persuading UA to release the album on CD? I hope there are some ‘bonus tracks’ to go with it. RIP Micky – you’re the best!

  4. I would love to get a copy of this album to my father in-law who just lost his son in the army in Afghanistan. It would lift him up as he loved this album. I would pay anyone who can send me the mp3s.

    Thank You

  5. I keep an eye on Ebay and see one copy of the album come up for sale every month, I know as I have bought two copies (one for a friend). I have also bought through Ebay two copies of the 45 rpm “Tennessee”. Another good place to buy from is Bim Bam Records. They also sell through Ebay, and only a few days ago sold a copy of the LP in absolute MINT condition, cover and vinyl. It went for £22. So, they are available. Come to think of it, three copies of the LP sold on Ebay within one week back in June – usually go for £10 – £15. Happy hunting.

  6. I’ve got the vinyl album plus the “It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll vol 2” album containing two of the five tracks they recorded for the Radio One show of the same name in 1977 presented by Stu Colman and Geoff Barker. I’ve put excerpts from the five tracks on you tube. Shout Sister Shout is a standout

  7. I was married to the bass player Lincoln Carr for many years and have the original album recorded at Rockfield studios and various other musical sessions if anyone is interested
    love suex

  8. Don’t forget Memphis Bend opened for Chuck Berry on his tour 1972? The place to dance to Memphis Bend was The Blue Moon Club! Linc was a brilliant bass player too lest we forget!

  9. i have this album in virtualy mint condition. if anyone would like it on c.d let me know. as long as i’m not breaching any copyright laws. dave

  10. Still have the original vinyl album Micky’s guitar playing was and still is an inspiration in my life growing up in Wales and being lucky enough to watch him play at the numerous pubs and clubs in South Wales where his guitar playing was always awesome nice to see this website as a tribute to Micky

    1. Thanks Philip,

      It seems like only yesterday when Micky used to tell me where he was playing.
      I used to try and get to see him as often as can at the time.
      It’s coming up to 8 years now since he passed away.
      Time flies!

  11. I saw Mickey in Birmingham, MI in 1969 playing with Love Sculpture @ The Palladium. I can remember that he gave Dave Edmunds a run for his money with his fantastic guitar playing!

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